StudioTech: Microphones

StudioTech: Microphones

In this first episode of StudioTech – Audio Series, we demonstrate different types of microphone providing audio from each of them in turn.

Good audio is probably the most important technical aspect of any production. If you are recording video, viewers will usually forgive you for the occasional poor video. But provide poor audio and viewers (or listeners ) will switch off pretty quickly!

Microphones featured:

Sound Sources – Basic
In-built laptop Mic – Apple MacBook Pro
Video camera Mic – Sony TRV-8

Sound Source – Intermediate
Headsets – USB – Plantronics C110
USB Mic – Samson C01U

Sounds Source – Advanced
Shotgun Mic – Rode NTG-2
Studio Mic – Heil PR-40
Radio Mic – Sennheiser Evolution G2

NOTE: it has been pointed out that it looks like the Samson mic was bein held the wrong way round, and the recording is not as clear as it should be. Apologies! Have used this mic on many recordings and it does perform well.

In future episodes of StudioTech looking at audio we will look at audio mixers, compression, pop shields as well as software to record your audio with.

We will also be looking at and many other aspects of video and audio podcasting so please keep checking the website and follow us on Twitter @ttfntv, you can also email us at