TriCaster Mini from NewTek- a StudioTech Special!

TriCaster Mini from NewTek- a StudioTech Special!

Mark is joined in the studio by Chris Waddington from NewTek to launch the new TriCaster Mini – a 4 HDMI input very portable TriCaster with pro features. Chris demonstrates how to setup a two camera studio with backdrop (green screen) and lights in under 5 minutes! He then demonstrates the power of the new TriCaster Mini showing virtual sets, automation and a lot more. In the demo Mark is transported to virtual studios and then to the Eiffel Tower in Paris – all demonstrating the versatility and capability of the system.

TriCaster Mini pricing starts from $5,995 / £3,995 / €4,995 for the base system and $7,995 / £5,495 / €6,995 for the standard system.

A control surface is available along with a kit of four 100 foot (30 metre) HDMI cables.

For more info on the TriCaster Mini visit the NewTek website.

TriCaster Mini