StudioTech Live! 95 – Using Boinx TV to link to Broadcast TV News

We are joined by Chris Yates who uses Boinx TV in a simple home studio setup to appear on broadcast news channels (such as the BBC, Sky etc). The setup (excluding iMac) probably cost under $1500!

Chris provided this useful information on his setup:

1) Canon XM1 3CCD Camera via Firewire.
2) Hot shoe mounted PAG Light
3) Three soft boxes.
4) Microphone is a no name lav condenser type
5) Pulse Preamp (which also supplies phantom power).
6) Output is to a ADC which feeds one of the USB ports.
7) Audio return is routed to an iMic DAC which feeds my earpiece.
8) The mic and earpiece interface is a home build (since am reasonably good with a soldering iron).

Pretty much everything came via eBay!!