TTFN Midi (Mac) for Wirecast released.

TTFN Midi (Mac) for Wirecast released.

UPDATE: TTFN Midi was built and tested on a high end Mac Pro. There have been several reports of the switching being slow when used on some less powerful systems. It seems to depend on the loading on your particular setup. If you find this to be an issue then please use the earlier, less resource hungry, version that can be found here. We are not aware of any bugs with either version!

Controlling Wirecast with a midi device such as the Korg Nano Kontrol simplifies the process of streaming or recording, especially if you are doing everything yourself, not just making Wirecast easier to operate but allowing you to produce more professional results. Back in November 2010 we released the first complete package on how to configure and use the Korg with Wirecast and this has been very popular and has been picked up by some big names in the Wirecast world.

After using this for several months we realised that it should be possible to do more with the control software and the script only approach was very limiting. In order to provide a lot more flexibility and to include additional features it was redesigned from the bottom up with only a very few lines of code being reused!

The new approach still (currently) uses MidiPipe  to capture the midi data but all MidiPipe does is to send the data to a new application – TTFN Midi – rather than directly to Wirecast. TTFN Midi then processes the data and sends the relevant commands to Wirecast, but as an application it can also provide additional functions.

In this release we have included several functions that we and the beta testers wanted, to demonstrate the flexibility of this approach.

If you don’t have a Korg but have a different midi controller the script in MidiPipe can be changed to ‘transcode’ the data to the midi data needed and then sent to TTFN Midi. If there is enough interest I will publish an example on how to do this!

Have a look at the video and download the software from the link below – please remember that no support is offered but do let us have any comments or suggestions!


Getting going:

Download TTFN MIDI:

[download id=”2″]

You must have installed:

Wirecast – and a licence key once you are happy with the software (video and audio watermarking without the licence key).

Korg USB device driver – Click on the support tab

Korg Kontrol Editor – Click on the support tab

MidiPipe – Please consider making a donation to the author!


You need to update the Korg button settings using Korg Kontrol Editor and the config file from TTFN Midi – “TTFN Korg Keys setup.nktrl”  you only need to do this once.

Start MidiPipe by double clicking on the TTFN Midi Setup.midi file. If MidiPipe opens in a window you can minimise it.

Run TTFN Midi and look at the help information for assistance on configuring Wirecast.


Good luck,