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StudioTech is part of the TTFN TV network which provides education, training, video production and consultancy.

Video Production – UK

TTFN TV have produced a wide range of videos for clients ranging from short product videos to multicamera recording of events and meetings. If you need a video producing we can help!

Event Streaming – UK

Looking to share an event or meeting with your customers, partners, shareholders or employees? Providing a live internet stream is a very cost effective way of communicating, whether to a small number of locations or hundreds.  We can provide a secure (or public) high quality video stream that  you can host on your website or we can provide a link to. Linking a live stream with a way of receiving audience feedback is key and we can provide a variety of methods to get live feedback and questions during your live stream.

Education & Training

We offer a full range of education and training on video production for the internet, whether live or video on demand. Based on your requirement we can travel to any location or of course provide training via a live video stream.

Consultancy Services

Whether your are in the UK or elsewhere we provide a range of consultancy services on all aspects of video creation including:

  • Idea development
  • Equipment specification
  • Studio design
  • Integration
  • Studio build
  • Encoding setup
  • Workflow
  • Streaming
  • Training

Whatever the size of your budget we help ensure that you invest it wisely and can quickly get the payback you are looking for. We can help at any point in the process but early involvement allows us to not only ensure your purchase decisions are right for your needs but that you maximise your studio flexibility while minimising your expenditure.

For more information on any of these services please please contact us and we will be happy to do discuss how we can help: email Mark Johnson.


There is more information on our formal education and training here.



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