Pre IBC: NewTek updates TriCaster Advanced edition (460 / 860 users read!)

Pre IBC: NewTek updates TriCaster Advanced edition (460 / 860 users read!)

Screen Shot 2015-09-04 at 13.22.48TriCaster 460 / 860 owners – a must read!


The announcement of the TriCaster Mini HD-4 SDI has been a popular news story this week but it will be another NewTek update that has a big impact on existing TriCaster 460 and 860 users.


TriCaster Advanced edition (or version 3) provides over 60 additional functions to the already highly capable standard software (version 2.4 being the latest) for the Pro series (410, 460, 860 and 8000) and the Mini (HDMI and SDI). While the upgrade has been well received there is one change, slipped onto the NewTek website this week, that might make paying for the upgrade to Advanced edition a ‘no brainer’:

  • Virtual sets now support up to 4 sources
  • M/Es are now re-entrant You can use an M/E as a source for another M/E
  • 4 DSK Overlays
  • 4 Key layers on each M/E

So in effect an 860 with this new version of Advanced edition (ship date TBD) effectively becomes an 8000 from a software perspective, and you could think of the 460 as being a ‘4000’ as it has all the same functions but limited to 4 physical inputs.

So if you have been sitting on the fence and trying to decide whether to upgrade your 460/860 to Advanced edition this might just make that decision a lot easier.

For more information visit the NewTek Website – Advanced Edition and look at the ‘Maximum Sophistication’ section.