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IBC #4 – Photos

IBC #4 – Photos

Will be sharing more thoughts and some video from IBC on tomorrow’s (16 Sep 2011)  ‘StudioTech Live’, hope you can join us at 2PM eastern, 7PM UK. The first Tricaster TCXD450 seen at the show was on the VFX paints stand. This UK company was demoing there very nice green screen material and frame (other… Continue Reading

IBC #3: Day 2

My last day at IBC and didn’t make it around every Hall! Writing this quick update from Schipol airport. Highlights today included: Playing with the new Panasonic semi pro cameras 160 and 250 (full model numbers to follow) which may well give the Canons a run for their money. Meeting with Jeromy Young the boss… Continue Reading

IBC #2 – Day 1 Thoughts and best product so far

IBC is a huge show, over multiple halls and today only saw less than half of it! There were some very polished presentations from Adobe (although their comments on supporting IOS devices with Flash were at best misleading and when challenged the response was ” will have to check”), Newtek ( yes including Don and… Continue Reading

IBC #1 – The promise of Thunderbolt

For the first time saw video on a Mac delivered via Thunderbolt interface! The Telestream Wirecast team were demoing Wirecast using a Matrox MX02 plugged into the Matrox Thunderbolt adapter, plugged into an i7 MacBook Pro. The Matrox adapter should be shipping soon. Talked with Blackmagic Design about their two Thunderbolt products and they are… Continue Reading